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Trustee Kenneth Brown
Trustee Kenneth BrownFriday, August 26th, 2016 at 1:23pm
El Camino College Art Gallery to present “Thread”

Exhibition focuses on the material and metaphorical aspects of thread

The El Camino College Art Gallery will present “Thread,” an exhibition that focuses on both the material and metaphorical aspects of thread. The exhibition runs from Aug. 29 through Sept. 22 in the ECC Art Gallery. A reception is scheduled for 7-9 p.m. Sept. 8, with an artists’ talk set for 1 p.m. Sept. 13.

Thread can mend, ensnare, embellish or bind. It can act as a connector between different elements or different worlds. It can also tangle and create either a warm nest or a disaster.

Thread can be web-like and fragile, or thick, twined and tough. It can lead the way or draw the line. Though ambiguous as a metaphor, thread is most frequently equated with fate and time, and boundaries.

Each of the 15 artists in the exhibition has a distinct approach to the use and subject of thread:

Edith Abeyta presents an audience participatory installation work titled, “Invasive Summer,” comprised of four elements: land – a large fabric surface with holes; plants – screen-printed wallpaper of Japanese knotweed plant depicted from both above and below ground; rocks – fabric rocks made from T-shirts; and humans – who then try to put the rocks into the holes.

Susan Connell exhibits exquisite paintings depicting the 19th century-style embroidery of her mother's wedding dress, and the sheerest of gauze, baby christening clothes.

Raoul De la Sota shows collaged landscapes made of fragments of fabrics gathered from assorted friends and from the back of the closet. His abstract landscapes have the warmth of handmade quilts, implied by the cloth piecework.

Dawn Ertl presents an elegant installation comprised of suspended, open-weave thread panels. Each panel, while abstract, refers to specific weather pattern/mapping.

Kiyomi Fukui exhibits delicate tatting, an early 19th century technique of making lace through knotting and looping thread. Fukui's work stems from her connection to her mother, who taught her to tat in the last months of her life.

Betsy Lohrer Hall shows a subtle 2-D visual poem in which pieces of torn paper are joined with thread, each element affecting the next: “a needle/working with holes and/strong tiny strands, /threads a pathway through.”

Chuck Hohng exhibits a tender, large-scale stuffed teddy bear who is bound by thread.

Peter Liashkov presents an image from a well-known Russian folktale, painted by his mother. The artist has printed this image, via a photo transfer process, on the taut threads that make up metal window screening.

Through intuitive manipulation of thread, fabrics, salvaged objects, tape and mixed media, Tina Linville creates fanciful abstract forms. Her instinctive yet careful process seems to be both labor intensive and spontaneous.

Victoria May presents “Collateral Damage,” a mixed media installation in which the human vein and capillary systems are depicted in red embroidery. Medical IV apparatus accompanies this figure where red thread equals blood.

Laurel Paley exhibits “The World's Longest Potholder,” an audience participatory installation of potholders woven from donated, worn-out socks. The potholders are attached end-to-end, to create a long chain that festoons the space it occupies.

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia presents embroidered abstractions that walk the line visually, between oil painting and thread work. Often inspired by traditional Latin American craftwork, Segovia explores a territory that mingles fine art and craft.

Marianne Sadowski exhibits a full-scale human figure made from amate, a traditional Mexican fibrous paper made from beaten and pulverized wood. The paper is comprised of threadlike, veined structures.

Lisa Solomon presents intricate embroidered wall works that stem from a deep connection to repetitive traditional craft work, yet she explores the realm of the history of fine art painting in her choices of scale, color and implied subject matter. Through the choice of thread as media, Solomon treads the uneasy divide between art and craft.

Ruth Katzenstein Souza shows a unique version of the traditional mending box in which her tools and materials, including needles, yarn and spools of thread, imply potential and manifest connection to ancestral influence. Additionally, Souza presents “Shadow Coat – Ghost Stitching,” in which the garment represents her life and human relationship with the spiritual.

The El Camino College Art Gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays and from 2 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information, call 310- 660-3010. Admission to the El Camino College Art Gallery and gallery events is free. On-campus parking is $3.
Trustee Kenneth Brown
Trustee Kenneth Brown shared El Camino College's post.Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 at 4:54am
New Student Welcome Day TODAY!!!! See you on the yard!!!
Trustee Kenneth Brown
Trustee Kenneth BrownWednesday, August 24th, 2016 at 2:41am
El Camino College Foundation Gains 10 New Members

The El Camino College Foundation recently added 10 new members to its board of directors to help further its mission to develop community relationships and raise funds to support student success.

“I am looking forward to working with the El Camino College Foundation Board,” said El Camino College President Dena P. Maloney, who is also a new Foundation board member. “We have a dynamic group of individuals, committed to helping students succeed and advancing the mission of El Camino College.”
New members of the El Camino College Foundation Board of Directors include:

Debra Breckheimer, ECC faculty member; ECC alumna
Gino DiGregorio, partner, Accenture Management Consulting
Kristy Gittings, CPA, Welch & Co.; ECC alumna
John Hahn, vice president, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management; ECC alumnus
Joe Hibbitt, senior IT (Oracle) consultant, Embie Technical Solutions
Dena P. Maloney, superintendent/president, El Camino Community College District
Nicole Mardesich, ECC Board of Trustees and Foundation student representative
Ann O'Brien, director of marketing communications, Torrance Memorial Medical Center; ECC alumna
Faviola Ochoa, public affairs manager, Southern California Gas Co.
Jeff Sarmiento, manager, Kinecta, retail banking

The El Camino College Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization established in 1983. The ECC Foundation raises funds that provide financial assistance for students through scholarships, textbooks and other programs. Each spring, 500 scholarships totaling more than $550,000 are awarded to incoming high school students, students attending El Camino College, and students transferring to four-year colleges and universities.

In addition to the scholarship program, the ECC Foundation supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), faculty innovation, and division programs at El Camino College, as well as creates partnerships within the local business community. The Foundation Board also generates support for the South Bay Promise Program, and has established a goal this year to expand the Promise to additional students in the El Camino College service area.

The board of directors comprises individuals representing various constituencies of the South Bay community. They provide fiscal oversight and management of the organization’s assets and investments. The El Camino College Foundation and the board of directors are instrumental in providing a foundation model that has been replicated on other California community college campuses.

For more information about the El Camino College Foundation: http://www.elcamino.edu/foundation/.
Trustee Kenneth Brown
Trustee Kenneth BrownSaturday, August 20th, 2016 at 7:20am
El Camino College Alumni Drafted to Major League Baseball Programs

Pitchers Dalton Erb and Sean Isaac selected in the 2016 MLB First-Year Player Draft

Two El Camino College baseball alumni were recently drafted in the 2016 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft.

Dalton Erb, who was a standout player for North Torrance High School before attending ECC, was selected by the San Diego Padres in the 30th round. Sean Isaac, an All-Bay League selection while playing at Mira Costa High School, was chosen by the Los Angeles Angels in the 35th round.

Isaac is a 2016 graduate of Vanguard University. The 6-foot-4-inch, 230-pound pitcher went 14-3 with a 2.33 ERA and had 147 strikeouts in 127 innings pitched as a senior this past season. At ECC he was a South Coast Conference honorable mention pitcher with the conference champion team.

“El Camino College has a longstanding practice of focusing on both the educational and athletic opportunities for all student-athletes so they may reach their goals on and off the field,” said El Camino College President Dena P. Maloney. “Congratulations to these athletes for turning their passion, hard work and skills into a promising career in baseball.”

Erb said he learned he was chosen for the pros while watching the draft online with teammates from his summer baseball team in Canada. After playing with the ECC Warriors, Erb headed to California State University, Chico for one season where the 6-foot-8-inch, 250-pound right-handed pitcher went 6-3 with a 3.62 ERA and had 70 strikeouts in 82 innings.

“It was a huge relief,” Erb said about being selected during the draft. He said he’s been playing baseball with the support of his father, “basically since I could walk.” The right-handed pitcher said he loves the pace of the sport, and the complicated mental game it requires.

“Playing professionally has always been my dream since I was a little kid, and it finally happened,” said Erb, who was named the Daily Breeze Player of the Year in 2012. “I was super excited.”
Erb said El Camino College’s team was a supportive training ground as he moved forward with his baseball career.

“You always have a good time out there, it’s very welcoming,” Erb said. “There were always laughs, but everyone would also be serious and try their hardest to become part of a winning team.”
Trustee Kenneth Brown
Trustee Kenneth Brown shared HBO Canada's video.Friday, August 19th, 2016 at 1:06pm
#HipHopEvolution is coming. Mark your calendar because there WILL be a quiz!
Trustee Kenneth Brown
HBO Canada
Travel to the earliest days of Hip-Hop with the new original documentary series #HipHopEvolution. The 4-part event premieres Sunday September 4 at 9ET/8PT.


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